‘Spring into Summer’ Challenge

Challenge yourself to a 4-week, head-in-the-game, self-love, life-changing, summer-prep month of amazing-ness! From May 1-28, we’re challenging you to attend at least 4 classes each week and to choose one healthy habit to add daily and one unhealthy item to nix.

Spring into Summer Challenge Details BarreAmped Nashville

Have another idea that’s not on the list? You decide what’s right for you in this season! This is a springboard for you to challenge yourself to feel amazing this spring and summer.

Everyone who successfully attends 4 classes each week will receive a 20% discount off any one merchandise item and will be entered to win a free month of classes!

Ready to join us? Request to be added to our Challenge Facebook Group. We’ll be posting Challenge updates, healthy recipes, encouragement, and more.