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About BarreAmped Nashville

The Method

UnderBarreBarreAmped is an intensive body shaping experience designed to produce reliable results, no matter the client. The method is influenced by classical and modern dance (though it is not a dance class) and utilizes a barre to achieve optimal positioning. Insights from Pilates, yoga, and orthopedic stretching also balance the method’s unique approach.

The precision-oriented technique focuses mainly on small, isolated movements within deeply held and challenging postures. BarreAmped is proven to increase metabolism, burn fat, and lengthen tight muscles. With commitment to the technique, you get recognizable results exactly where you want them.

Created by international fitness celebrity and former Lotte Berk Method instructor Suzanne Bowen, BarreAmped is the result of more than 10 years of physiological study and client observations by one of America’s top fitness talents. Precise form is essential to achieving optimal results in BarreAmped; thus, BarreAmped instructors are highly trained to correct and refine your positioning during each workout.

BarreAmped is not taught with a strong pelvic tuck which is classic to other barre exercise methods. BarreAmped instead teaches the student to focus control on the “Core Base,” which is the pelvic floor muscles and lower abdominal wall, in order to maintain torso control and a neutral spine. BarreAmped is a modern interpretation of a classic method. Our classes are filled with all types of people at different skill levels. Come experience a BarreAmped class for yourself & see the difference!

Roots of Barre Fitness

Most barre workouts today have their roots in the Lotte Berk Method, which was brought to America by Lydia Bach in 1970 and first taught in the Lotte Berk Method Studios in New York City. Lotte Berk herself was a German dancer who fled the Nazis during World War II. She moved to London with her British husband, kept dancing, but suffered a back injury falling off the stage. During her recovery, Berk worked with orthopedic doctors, combining her rehabilitative therapy with ballet barre work to form a new system of exercise.

BarreAmped® is a direct descendant of the original Lotte Berk Method. Suzanne Bowen, an international fitness celebrity and former Lotte Berk Method instructor at the Lotte Berk Method Studios, founded BarreAmped® after more than 10 years of precise training in the method under the direct tutelage of Bach herself, physiological study, and client observations. A second generation barre instructor, Bowen therefore created an undiluted form of barre work with a strong focus on form in order to get the true benefits of using classic barre techniques. Her method emphasizes neutral spine and pelvic floor engagement to fire up the core.


Having both trained under Suzanne Bowen, BarreAmped Nashville studio owner Rebekah Ramquist and Teacher Trainer Lori Winter continue to work closely with the BarreAmped team. Because our studio is a training hub for instructors across the country, clients receive the highest standard of barre fitness training.

Interested in teaching BarreAmped at our studio? We look for backgrounds in movement and anatomy, as well as personalities that can lead a classroom full of people. We hire by invitation only.

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