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CarolineHi! My name is Caroline Sessoms, I’m a junior at Vanderbilt University, and my journey with BarreAmped began on a bit of a whim this past November.

My usual Thursday 9:30am class had been cancelled, and instead of sleeping in, I decided to schedule a BarreAmped class. I had tried other fitness classes before, but hadn’t stuck with them because I either found them boring or I felt incompetent. Neither was the case with BarreAmped. Read More

Kimberly BarreAmped Testimony

“I searched a long time to find an exercise regimen that would produce results and keep me interested. I found that with BarreAmped. Rebekah and Lori are attentive, energetic, and supportive instructors who embody the philosophy of the mind/body approach. Plus their playlists are great! I always leave feeling inspired, challenged and “lifted!” I tried this method with another studio but experienced lower back and knee problems. The BarreAmped approach has changed all that. Without the discomfort of joint pain I’m motivated to keep coming back and contouring my shape.”

-Kimberly D.

Many of you have been asking us about our newest class format – BarreAmped Fire. We’re happy to announce that we’ve officially added the class to the schedule!

BarreAmped Fire is our toughest class yet. It relies heavily on the client’s proven technique, flexibility, & strength. It includes full range of motion moves, quick transitions, elements of cardio, and advanced dynamic stretching. Think BarreAmped Advanced meets Bootcamp. It’s recommended that you’ve attended at least ten regular BarreAmped or Bootcamp classes before entering this class. Read More

If you’ve been to even one BarreAmped class, you know that form is everything. We stress the importance of proper form within each and every exercise to keep you safe, but also to make your workout that much more effective. That’s why we’re offering a workshop series every Saturday in March to help you maximize the effectiveness of each class you attend. Come ready to ask questions and receive feedback. Read More

We’ve added a brand new class time to the schedule. Join us on Wednesdays at 8am for a perfect mid-week pick-me-up. Click here to sign up online!

BarreAmped is the perfect way for new moms to bounce back after having their baby. Our ultra results-oriented method is low-impact and core strengthening. If you’ve had a baby any time in the last year, enjoy three full months of unlimited classes for only $299. Click here to purchase online and schedule your classes today. Read More

We’re pumped to kick off 2013 with a 6-week BarreAmped Bootcamp January 21 – February 28. Start the year off right and beat the winter blues!

Purchase a 6-week unlimited Bootcamp package by January 10 for the special early bird price of $129 (save $10 off the regular price of $139)! Read More

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