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Health and fitness have been a priority in my life for a very long time. As a teenager, I rigorously trained as a student of the Alabama Ballet Company under Wes Chapman and Roger Van Fletteren. While classical ballet and pointe were my primary focus, I also studied modern dance, jazz, yoga, and nutrition. Proper technique, physical health, and injury prevention were emphasized in all of my dance my training and inspired my passion for health-oriented fitness and movement. Along with dance, I have a background in athletics (softball and cheerleading). I am always searching for the “why” behind an exercise, so I have an extremely well-rounded knowledge of different types of physical activity.

Considering my history with ballet, I can’t believe how long it took me to find barre fitness! After deciding to pursue a degree in visual art in college and stepping back from the serious ballet world, I constantly searched for an efficient exercise regimen that would satisfy my love of movement while strengthening lean muscles and burning fat. I tried step aerobics, zumba, and running without satisfactory results. Then, after moving to Nashville in 2014, I discovered barre and have been hooked ever since! Barre is the only fitness technique I have found that builds upon a mind-body connection, strengthens the muscles of the whole body, uses dance-based movements that I know are safe and effective, and emphasizes form and health. With those priorities in mind, when I finally found BarreAmped in December of 2015, I felt like I had found my fitness family! The history of BarreAmped and the reasons and research that support our specific moves and form have shown me the “why”  behind this technique that makes it so effective, efficient, and fun. I love that BarreAmped requires both physical and mental focus, offering a place to practice being truly mentally present while strengthening my body.

My favorite thing about teaching for BarreAmped Nashville is the community of strong women that I have been so fortunate to join. As I continue along my fitness journey, both my fellow instructors and our clients constantly show me the power of positivity, encouragement, and support. I feel so grateful that my knowledge and love of movement and exercise is helping to empower women in healthy ways every time I teach a class, just as the strength of the clients I teach inspires me.

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