Annie Driskell

Annie Driskell BarreAmped Nashville

BarreAmped Instructor

After moving to Nashville in 2010, I found I was missing the active lifestyle I lived in New Mexico, where I could hike and run on trails to clear my head and re-energize after long days as a teacher. I was no longer feeling energized by running, and was looking for something that would not just keep me fit, but help me actually take care of my body. I found a method that gets results, but also supports the longevity of my body in BarreAmped Nashville. Perhaps even more importantly, I met a community of strong, motivated women who want to do the same.

I leave each class with a clearer mind and a stronger body. With other workouts, I’ve found I have to switch things up, but with BarreAmped, the more I come, the more it continues to challenge me as my strength, form, and mind-body connection improve.

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of the incredible BarreAmped community and look forward to seeing you at the barre.

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