Lori Winter

Lori BarreAmped Nashville

BarreAmped Instructor & Teacher Trainer

I began my journey with BarreAmped before it was even an official method. A friend invited me to a class with BarreAmped creator Suzanne Bowen when she opened her first studio in 2009. Having grown up in gymnastics and dance classes, as well as musical theater, a barre fitness class was immediately a natural fit. Finally I found an exercise regimen I actually enjoyed!

I began coming to classes three times a week, leaving each class exhausted, but completely refreshed and rejuvenated. As my form improved, the exercises became more and more effective, toning my muscles and strengthening my body from the inside out.

In February of 2011, my husband and I left the country for a nine month excursion through New Zealand. Being without BarreAmped classes, I relied on Suzanne’s Gorgeous Core DVD to keep me in shape as I traveled. But once I was back home in Nashville, I was thrilled to be back in class! It was then I knew I wanted to pursue more with this method.

As a BarreAmped instructor and teacher trainer, it’s a privilege to share with each one of our clients this incredible method that leaves you feeling strong, fit, and beautiful.

Welcome to the journey and ‘shake to change’!

“Lori was an awesome instructor! Great energy and very helpful in showing correct form. Class is tough but flies by!”

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