Rachel Denny

Rachel Denny - BarreAmped Nashville Instructor

BarreAmped Instructor

Growing up an athlete I have always had a passion for fitness, playing almost every sport I could during my early childhood. As a teenager I trained year-round for competitive soccer and basketball and always had a very steady workout routine in my life until I tore my ACL in 2006. After recovering from surgery I was forced to try more low impact exercises but could never find a daily workout regimen that stuck.

After moving to Nashville with my fiancé (now husband) I was frustrated with finding a motivating routine to shape and tone for my upcoming wedding.  A few friends at work had mentioned the “barre method” to me and after trying a few different studios around the city I found BarreAmped Nashville and fell in love.

Quickly I became addicted and started coming 4-5 days a week after work and even on my coveted Saturday mornings! Within just a few weeks I couldn’t believe the difference in my body! My muscles started to lean out and I was gaining strength, flexibility, and improving my posture with each class. It was so easy to make room in my schedule because I am inspired everyday by the method and our instructors.  My favorite part about BarreAmped is that it is up to you as a client to continuously challenge yourself to progress, getting out of each class only what you decide to put into it. The more you understand the foundations of the method the harder it becomes.

Not only has my personal confidence improved but I have seen extreme results in my mind, body, and overall health.  BarreAmped Nashville has become an integral part of my daily life, a wonderful and welcome release to a stressful day. I have loved being a part of the BarreAmped Nash community since I attended my first class, and am so excited to be able to share that enthusiasm as an instructor.

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