Rachel Snyder

Rachel Snyder - BarreAmped Instructor

BarreAmped Instructor

Originally from Kansas City, MO, Rachel grew up studying Vagonova ballet, and Graham and Horton modern dance. After years of studying dance and a few injuries, she decided to learn more about healing the body naturally and pursued a career as a massage therapist. She moved to Nashville in 2006 after getting married, and found herself feeling frustrated with other workout regimens aggravating old injuries and not creating results like dance classes had. Her love of dance, passion for living a healthy lifestyle, and finding balance in both mind and body led her to try BarreAmped, and she instantly fell in love with the method.

Rachel loves this low-impact method because there is always room to challenge yourself. Each day brings new awareness in the body, which creates new ways to engage with your mind and body. It’s the subtle changes that create lasting results, which is what this method inspires in and out of the class room.

Rachel plans to continue her education in BarreAmped and is so grateful for this method and for the amazing team of instructors who have inspired change in her barre form and in her personal life.

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