Rebekah Ramquist

Rebekah Ramquist, Owner of BarreAmped Nashville and Music City Spin Room

Owner, BarreAmped & SPIN® Instructor

After years of teaching a combination of different aerobics classes I thought my teaching days were over. When I first had an opportunity to try BarreAmped I thought I’d just be picking up a few new workout moves . . . in one class I knew I had a lot to learn . . . in 5 I knew I had to keep coming back.

I first encountered BarreAmped during a very emotionally difficult season of life. I decided that trying a new workout would be good to help shift my focus- even if only for an hour. I was amazed at how incredibly challenging each class was – demanding mental and physical focus. I powered through each time with the mantra “Nothing hurts worse than my broken heart.” By the end of class I was completely exhausted and relaxed.

I typically describe this method by saying it strengthens and tones every inch of your body- from the bone out, not pumping up your muscles but giving you true strength and shape. Beyond that, it empowers you mentally, emotionally, and physically. I finish each workout knowing “If I can do this, I can do anything!” To this day I am amazed at how a BarreAmped class gets my head “straight” again. I leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to face all of the other facets of life.

I am committed to this method because of what it’s done for me personally. I chose to take on BarreAmped Nashville because I want others to have the opportunity to experience what a method like this can do for your life- body and mind. I fall in love with the method over and over again and hope you will too!

BarreAmped will change your body . . . and may very well change your life.

Welcome to the adventure!

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